If you can imagine a type of high you want, there’s probably a drug for it — or at least a substance of some kind.

That’s the general message in “The 10 Craziest Drugs You Never Knew Existed,” in which video host Matthew Santoro lists everything from a common household spice and a British dairy product to a sleep aid and something that keeps refrigerators running. The “drugs” have a range of effects, with some of them causing hallucinations and others simply causing terror.

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A couple of the ones that made the list, while dangerous, are stunningly creative. For example, a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen called carbogen has a lower oxygen concentration than normal air, so when it is inhaled it gives the illusion that the user is suffocating. As a result, the body releases large amounts of a naturally occurring chemical called DMT as it would if someone were about to die, which creates a psychedelic high.

In another scenario, people have used a process called i-Dosing in which they listen to audio that, through the use of different frequencies and pitches, alters their mental state to mimic the effects of some narcotics.

Other “drugs” are surprising in how accessible they are. Santoro explains that ingesting several teaspoons of ground nutmeg can cause mild hallucinations, although the spice takes a long time to kick in. And a certain kind of cheese in large quantities causes bizarre and vivid dreams.

Please don’t try any of these at home:

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