When it comes to working out, fitness and nutrition experts suggest allowing yourself a cheat day. Cheat days are important because they allow people to enjoy some of their favorite (sometimes unhealthy) treats. And they’re a reward for maintaining self-restraint during intense workout days.

One fitness buff, who goes by the name of muscleprodigy on Instagram, uses his cheat day to eat 100 nuggets per day. “I just ate 100 chicken nuggets and I'm in a massive food coma. #cheatday,” he captions the video, which received over 8,000 likes. But while cheat days are meant to be positive, this could possibly be taking the concept too far.

If you’re trying to change the way your body craves certain foods, having such an extreme cheat day could throw everything off balance. Also, the amount of calories in one chicken McNugget from McDonald’s is 47.5. Multiply that by 100 nuggets and that’s 4,750 calories in one sitting. He also claims that on other cheat days he eats a whole chocolate cake.

These extreme diet changes could potentially be harmful for your body. First of all, they exceed the number of daily intake calories that a person should have, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Secondly, burning the calories from all of that food would take him extra time, rendering his routine workouts useless.

However, from his other Instagram posts, it does seem that he leads a healthy lifestyle, despite the cheat day.