Tuscon, Arizona-based KGUN News discovered a tiny, some would say, baby hero. Meanwhile, all you dog lovers prepare to be upset by this brief tale of a small boy, his busy mom, one phone app, and two snarling pets.

Laura Toone was having a very good day until her foster dog picked a fight with one of her own dogs. The foster dog staged a full attack, barking and biting and clamping down with might. Toone struggled to get the dog to release his hold, but instead of becoming calm, the angry dog turned on her. Lunging, he snapped at her middle finger, a big bite that almost took her finger “clean off.” She tried to call 911, but the pain — and blood — ended up being too much for her.

"I begged my daughters to call 911, and they're 4, and they were quite afraid to even touch the phone, because it was covered in my own blood," Toone told KGUN. Time was passing, blood was flowing, and now she worried she might faint before the paramedics arrived. What unlikely hero saved the day?

"Here comes my son from the kitchen bringing me our dish towel," Toone said. After wiping the phone down, Bentley Toone contacted his mother’s friend, Connie Guerrero, on FaceTime, a video chat app he likes to use. In fact, the app-happy 2-year-old boy loves using his mother’s phone and calls Guerrero so often, she has learned to ignore it. This time, though, Guerrero sensed she was needed.

"Something inside of me just told me that I needed to answer this FaceTime," Guerrero told KGUN. "All I could see was his little forehead and I said 'Hi Bentley' and it was quiet for a little bit and then I hear Laura screaming."

She immediately dialed 9-1-1 and alerted emergency services. When the firefighters arrived, Bentley ran and unlocked the door. Describing the incident, Toone laughed and gestured with her bandaged hand. She is confident that her finger will heal, and in the early days of her recovery, she taught her three children how to dial 9-1-1 and when it is important. She did not say whether Bentley has continued to call Guerrero using FaceTime, though it can be assumed the 2-year-old hero has a future in tech.