Every time the winter wind blows, it takes some of our skin’s moisture with it. Creams are great and all, but they are just dry skin treatment, not prevention. And sometimes they do annoying things like smearing all over our phone screens or stopping us from turning a doorknob. Humidifiers help, but they can’t be applied directly to your body. If humidifiers and moisturizers are not enough to ease your dry skin, you can try these home remedies.

Change your shower strategy

According to the Mayo Clinic, hot water and long showers “remove oils from your skin,” so you may see an improvement if you limit bath time and use water that is warm rather than scalding. And if you apply your moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp, it will “help trap water in the surface cells.”

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Forget the fragrance

Lots of beauty products like creams and deodorants are scented, but that might be a problem. Everyday Health reports that a fragrance can make dry skin worse. Instead, “look for formulas that contain ingredients like honey and vanilla, and bean-based butters like cocoa and shea.”

Bundle up

The more skin you have covered up when you go outside, the better. The Mayo Clinic fingers winter weather itself as a cause of dry skin and recommends wrapping up in a scarf, hat and gloves.

Try vitamin E

This vitamin has many benefits, including protecting the skin from sun damage and serving as an antiinflammatory and antioxidant, the Huffington Post notes, while adding the advice of using it at night because it is thick and greasy. You don’t necessarily need to buy a hand cream containing E oil to capitalize on it — this writer simply bites open a vitamin E capsule to release the liquid and applies it directly to especially irritated areas.

Go grocery shopping

What you eat can affect the moisture level of your skin, according to Bustle. On its list of foods that could relieve dry skin are fish, avocado, sweet potatoes and other good stuff.

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