Nearly anything can be poisonous and lethal in high enough doses, but some substances are so highly toxic that they can cause death quickly in even the smallest amounts. Recently, the team at Brit Lab went through five of the world’s deadliest substances, and you may be surprised to see which toxins did and didn't make the list.


It’s well known that arsenic is a poison, but did you know that compounds of arsenic also have medicinal uses? According to host Dominic Burgess, in the past, compounds of arsenic have been used to treat everything from ulcers to syphilis. However, in larger quantities, arsenic is nothing to be played with and can cause vomiting, seizures, and eventually death, all within a couple of hours.


This poison is made from the foxglove flowers found throughout Britain. This poison attacks the heart, and once in your blood stream it will slow your heart down until the point where it eventually stops. Before this occurs, victims may experience stomach pain, headaches, and even hallucinations.


Polonium was discovered by the scientist Marie Curie, and unfortunately, the compound eventually lead to her death. According to Burgess, it is colorless, tasteless, and in most cases basically undetectable, which is how it got its nickname the “perfect poison.” Polonium breaks down the body's most vital organs and death comes within days.


Tetrodotoxin, also known as TTX, is a neurotoxin found in many animals, such as the pufferfish. Upon ingesting this poison, your lips will burn, and you will salivate uncontrollably. Soon you will have seizures as your body completely shuts down. Death comes in hours.


Botulinum is a toxin found in a certain species of bacteria, and yes it is used for botox in very small doses. In larger doses, Botulinum is possibly the most acutely lethal toxin in the world, and causes paralysis, respiratory failure, and yes, of course, death.

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