Almost every athlete intends to push the limits of their exercise routine especially if they think that it will impact their performance at ‘work’ to a substantial degree. And in most cases, athletes have to combine a solid exercise routine (which includes both elements of aerobic and anaerobic training) with a diet packed with nutrition as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In getting all these aspects right, one will not only build stamina but will bring you back in peak form – no matter which sport you play. So here are some tips that will help one do so:

Tip #1: Getting a baseline medical screen is really important for any sportsperson as it sets limits within which one should work. If you don’t have these limits this can result in overtraining and this will, in turn, result in fatigue and injuries. Stress and illness are also factors that can cause injury.

Tip #2: When it comes to a safe and effective training program, one should keep factors such as duration, frequency and intensity in mind. Most experts agree that one can perform three or more workouts a week for 20 minutes or longer, but only with a maximum heart rate of 60 to 80 percent. Alternating between a light and heavy workout is also known to provide maximum results in the improvement of stamina.

Tip #3: One important aspect of improving your stamina at a particular sport is to ‘spar’ with people who belong to an organization related to your sport. Not only does it take the boredom out of training but it also encourages one to put maximum effort into it. And if you enjoy it, you’ll stick with it for a long time to come.

Tip #4: Maintaining a progress chart or performance log always help one to see the ‘gradual’ improvement that they are making, and this can helpful when it comes to improving stamina as well.

Tip #5: But most importantly, one MUST rest for 24-48 hours at least especially after any kind of training so that the body recovers.