Most people love the winter holidays, but shopping can be a serious seasonal bummer — and even worse for those with anxiety.

From Black Friday until New Year’s Day, shopping crowds can be crazy and extremely busy. We’ve listed some ways to manage your overwhelming desire to scream and run away from the mall.

Do holiday shopping crowds make you anxiety? Try these ways to manage it. Photo courtesy of Pixabay
  • Try shopping online to avoid crowds. Baylor College of Medicine expert Dr. John Oldham recommended to Medical XPress that people with anxiety consider other shopping alternatives.

  • Take a person you feel comfortable around while you shop. If you start feeling anxious, they will be able to help you.

  • Have a plan.

"What I mean by that is, if you've got a person in your family for whom you want to pick up a specific gift, figure out where the store would be that you would most likely find it, go there, and get your business done and go back home,” Dr. Oldham said. “Don't just get lost in the maze of the mall."

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  • Practice cognitive behavioral therapy.

"One strategy you can try is to practice and memorize a set of reminders to help yourself calm down when you feel panicked. Another strategy that might work is for you to bring a book with you so that if you need to take a break you can sit down and read until you calm down," Oldham said.

  • Deep breaths are simple and effective. About 20 minutes before you head out for holiday shopping, or right when you get back, try Yoga With Adriene ’s quick “Yoga for Anxiety” practice. You can watch it below.

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