While testosterone is the key hormone that helps men develop differently than the female-kind, it’s responsible for so much more than just the biological differences between the sexes. A new study shows that testosterone can improve bone density and anemia in men over 65 who are lacking in the hormone.

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“After one year of treatment, older men with low testosterone significantly increased bone density and estimated bone strength compared to those on placebo,” says Dr. Christina Wang, co-author of the study, in a statement. “A larger and longer trial would be needed to determine if testosterone treatment reduces fracture risk.”

The treatment came with its downsides as men undergoing the therapy also had increased plaque buildup in their coronary arteries.

Researchers from LA BioMed partnered with 12 medical centers across the United States and the National Institute on Aging to conduct The Testosterone Trials. The series of seven tests studied the effects of testosterone therapy on men ages 65 and older compared to those without for one year.

Testosterone has been linked to a variety of surprising benefits. Here are five more ways that testosterone can affect your health:

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Makes Your Sex Life Better

Researchers from the previously mentioned Testosterone Trials found the hormone helped older men get an erection and boost sexual desire.

Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s

According to Healthline, previous studies indicate that men with higher levels of the hormone have a reduced chance of getting the disease. They also have better verbal memory, spatial abilities and mathematical reasoning.

Offers Better Quality of Life

The health website reports that low levels of testorone are linked to depression, fatigue and irritability.

May Reduce Belly Fat

Studies have shown that men given testosterone had slimmer waistlines. "Most of the studies show there's a reduction of abdominal obesity in men who are given testosterone," says Adrian Dobs, M.D., a professor of medicine and oncology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, to Health magazine.

Makes You More Attractive

A study from Wayne State University found that higher levels of the sex hormone can actually help men compete for the attention of attractive women.

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