Protein coffee is quickly becoming a nutritional staple in the world of fitness and wellness. This refreshing, yummy blend offers a dual benefit.

Coffee is an absolute treat for your taste buds, but can also deliver the much-needed energy and mental boost. Protein powders, on the other hand help you build and maintain healthy muscles.

Together, coffee and protein powder in a shake or smoothie is what you need to kick-start your day on the right foot. And take your active lifestyle to the next level.

The trick is to go for a premium product from a reputable brand, such as Maine Roast Protein coffee. Each serving of this nifty shake boasts 115 mg of caffeine and at least 15 grams of protein. This way, you will enjoy the authentic taste you love in your cup of joe, alongside the nutritional benefits of protein.

Amazing taste is only one thing that makes protein coffee great. Here are 9 amazing facts about protein coffee that show how this simple dietary addition to your daily routine can truly transform your life.

coffee beans with cup
coffee beans with cup Complete Nutrition

Coffee Protein Supports Weight Loss

Obesity has become increasingly pervasive, with 2/3 of adult Americans wrestling with weight issues. To lose weight and keep it off, you need to burn more calories than you consume. That’s where protein coffee shines.

First off, it’s very low in calories and has virtually no fat. Each serving of iced protein coffee shake, for instance, contains about 80 calories.

Caffeine found in abundance in protein coffee is a well-known appetite suppressant, helping you naturally reduce your calorie intake.

Research has shown that caffeine can rev up your metabolism by 3 to 11 percent. Let’s not forget that caffeine boosts your mental stamina, so you can stick to your weight loss routine.

Taking coffee-infused protein powder is a great way to build muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the more calories and fat you’ll burn. However you look at it, coffee and protein is a perfect combo for weight loss.

Protein Coffee Prevents Muscle Loss

A healthy bulk of muscles is crucial for weight-loss, athletic performance and strength. Strong, healthy people usually have dense muscles. Sadly, muscle loss occurs gradually due to lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, malnutrition, injuries, and aging.

Thankfully, protein coffee has been found to help prevent muscle mass loss, especially those related to aging. When used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, protein coffee can not only slow down the process of muscle loss but can also reverse it.

According to Healthcare Weekly, the best strategy to prevent muscle loss is to load up on protein coffee that contains leucine. This is a type of protein that aid in the production of muscle fuel and muscle regeneration.

Coffee and Protein Powder Soothe Muscle Pains

Injuries, inflammation, and buildup of stress hormones can subject your muscles, tendons and surrounding tissue to a great deal of pain.

A combination of coffee and protein powder has been found to help relieve muscle aches, spasms, and pain, especially after a heavy workout or exercise session. And there’s a good reason behind this amazing benefit.

Coffee is a catabolic compound, which means it aids breakdown and release of energy needed by the muscles. Unfortunately, this can lead to an accumulation of cortisol, a well-known stress hormone.

Protein powder, on the other hand, boasts anabolic properties. Namely, it helps rebuild and replenish lost energy and muscle tissue. It’s this ying-yang balance of coffee and protein powder that does wonders for aching muscles.

Increase Your Mental Alertness and Cognitive Function

It’s no big secret that caffeine is a great brain function booster. That’s why the vast majority of us can’t start a day without a cup of joe.

Remember certain proteins like leucine (found in whey powders) and caffeine often trigger increased production of happy-feel hormones like melatonin and serotonin in your body. Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can influence an array of cognitive functions, including mood, memory recall, libido, appetite, and social behavior. It also helps restore the state of calmness and relaxation.

That said, protein coffee can help prevent cognitive conditions like Alzheimer's, dementia, etc. from occurring. A 2002 study found that coffee can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 65 percent.

Improve Strength and Stamina with Protein in Coffee

As we’ve mentioned above, protein coffee prevents muscle loss. Not just that - the blend can also assist in building stronger and more agile muscles. That's why it is recommended that you take protein coffee between 30 minutes and 1 hour prior to your scheduled workout.

Thanks to catabolic properties of coffee, the protein will be denatured, making it easy to be broken down and absorbed into the body. The good thing is that caffeine is a vasodilating agent, which means it encourages the blood vessels to relax, allowing more blood to flow.

Ultimately, this means your muscles will get plenty of energy, oxygen, and nutrients they need to keep going when you are working out. That’s stamina. With more muscle mass and increased mental alertness, you will have what it takes to knock every exercise out of the park.

Protein Coffee Helps with Post-Workout Recovery

Caffeine is great before, during and after your workouts. You’ll feel energized, prepped, and mentally strong, ready to take on every training and exercising obstacle.

That’s all good and dandy, but prolonged exercising can take a toll on your muscles. That’s why you leave the gym feeling worn out, fatigued, and aching all over. Lucky for you, that’s where protein kicks in.

The anabolic nature of protein helps replenish spent energy and rebuild muscle tissues. It also aids in reducing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. The combination of all these benefits makes your post-workout recovery easy and hassle-free.

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brewed cofee Complete Nutrition

Improve Digestion with Protein Coffee

Coffee releases heat that helps denature and break down protein in a snap. That means you don’t have to worry about digestive problems often associated with protein digestion. More specifically, coffee reduces bloating, constipation or even gas.

In saying that, protein coffee will then be handled by digestive juices in the gastrointestinal tract without any trouble. This leads to rapid absorption of nutrients, amino acids, and caffeine, injecting an instant boost of energy.

It doesn’t stop there. Caffeine also increases your metabolic rate, which translates to faster breakdown of protein molecules and quicker delivery of fuel to the muscles. The whole thing works like a charm.

Improve Your Heart Health With Protein Coffee

Keeping an eye on the health of your ticker is important, particularly when you are trying to lose weight. You will be glad to know that consuming protein coffee is great for your cardiovascular health.

Caffeine, for one, can help reduce the risk of developing stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular conditions. Studies have shown that consuming 54 grams of whey protein daily can decrease LDL cholesterol, which is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

Protein coffee also supplies ready “building” protein which will then be used to rebuild and reinforce heart muscles. Coffee also contains antioxidants, micronutrients that help curb inflammation, one of the most common risk factors for heart problems.

Increase the Adrenaline Level to Pump up Your Immune System

We all need an adrenaline jolt once in a while. Protein coffee plays a key role in increasing the production of adrenaline, a hormone that’s often associated with the flight-or-fight state.

It so happens this hormone can also boost your immune system. Don’t forget that protein coffee also boosts sleep via melatonin. Protein powder also helps reduce stress hormones, which in turn improves T-cells functioning.

T-cells are a big part of the body’s immune system. They can’t respond well to intrusion in the presence of high levels of stress hormones.

Start the day the right way with protein coffee

Protein coffee is what the doctor prescribed for those who want to kill two birds with one stone. With Maine Roast premium protein coffee, you’ll get your recommended daily intake of protein, and enjoy the great taste of energizing coffee. You can take it iced, as a mocha latte or caramel frappé!

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