Texas recently tried to shut down a majority of their abortion clinics when the Supreme Court was (sort-of) like, no. “The Supreme Court’s decision only temporarily and partially prevents the Texas law from going into effect while the 5th Circuit finishes hearing the case," Casey Mattox, Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, told LifeNews. “While that is disappointing, it should cause no great alarm.”

Unfortunately, the attack on abortion clinics is not limited to Texas. Women’s rights seemed to have taken a severe step backward, from United States representatives convinced “legitimate rape” is a thing to a certain Fox News host telling young women they belong on Tinder, not in the poll booth.

The good news is not everyone contributing to the conversation is completely deluded. A portion of these amazing female advocates is listed below. Though men, we know some of you are out there fighting the good (reproductive) fight, too.


“I am creating a huge vagina (vulva) statue about the size of a person (6-ft tall) in support of Texas Women,” Austin resident Chloe began the introduction to her Kickstarter. “It will be to scale.”

Talk about a great opening line. Chloe (no last name listed) doesn't want to only make money off the sculptures, but she wants to raise tangible awareness for women's health, as well as start a group that would provide housing, meals, and transportation to women who will have to travel and long and far should Texas for sure pass their anti-abortion law.

Wendy Davis

It was the filibuster heard 'round the (Twitter) world: Wendy Davis held an 11-hour filibuster last June against the anti-abortion bill that's currently under review. Though her attempt was unsuccesful, Davis went ahead and ran for governor of Texas anyway. She told Time "access to opportunity comes through education, and that is my primary passion and fight ... it’s why I’m running for governor."

Davis has terminated two pregnancies of her own for medical reasons, something she's been very vocal about in order to genuinely speak to women going through her same struggle. It's why so many consider Davis a modern-day hero for women's rights.

Tina (And Her Husband Grayson) Haver

You might have come across these names before on Tumblr, where these two activists posts pictures of themselves picketing the people who picket abortion clinics. A modern take on chores, Tina and Grayson spend their Saturdays picketing the people picketing abortion clinics. To rival the signs that read, “Babies are murdered here,” and, “Pregnant mothers need support, not abortion,” Tina and Grayson fired back with, “Jesus slays!” and “Weird hobby→”

Grayson told BuzzFeed, “We hope to show passersby on the busy thoroughfare that the far religious right need not be the only ones with a voice; those with progressive views have one, too, and we should use it.” Just, brilliant.

Jenny Slate

Obvious Child, in which comedian Jenny Slate stars, follows a young woman’s decision to have an abortion — and every emotion that comes with it. It made some people uncomfortable, while other critics categorized it as an “abortion rom-com." Slate, however, told Guardian this phrase bummed her out. “The movie isn’t saying that abortions are funny," she said. "It’s saying that people are funny."

Gillian Robespierre, who co-wrote the movie, told NPR the point of the movie was to "bring attention to an empowered, funny woman who has a realistic, safe abortion." They wanted to shine a light on so much of what our culture suppresses, and we're glad they did.

Sarah Silverman

Women’s reproductive rights has long been a priority of comedian Sarah Silverman’s. A recent video she filmed for her YouTube channel shows her scheduling an appointment for a sex change so that she might finally advance in the workplace. (No, Silverman is not really getting a sex change.)

But even more recent than that, Silverman admitted to Bill Maher that she herself has never had an abortion — something she doesn't even deem relevant in the fight for women's rights. "The the truth is, and I don’t like to admit this, I’ve never had an abortion, and I don’t know if I would," she said. "But it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t fight to the death for women to make their own choices for their own human bodies."

Amen, girl.