There has been a new study published about the scientific explanation of the idea of “beauty sleep.” The said study was published in the newest edition of the British Medical Journal. The lead researcher of the study, John Axelsson of Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the outer appearance of a person may actually be linked directly to the amount of sleep they have had in the past few days.

According to Axellson, he and his team of researchers were able to study 23 adults who were around 18 to 31 years old. The participants on the said research were photographed in the same lighting conditions at around 2 to 3 in the afternoon. Some of these participants had a full night of sleep the other night. Others have been kept awake for 31 hours straight and only had five hours of sleep the night before the picture was taken.

The researchers showed the photographs to 65 people without knowledge about the participants’ sleep patterns. After this, the researchers were able to find out that those people who have more sleep were seen as more attractive, looked healthier and better rested.

Axellson told the Time Magazine that there have been a lot of studies regarding sleep and its physiological and cognitive effects. They have been studying how lack of sleep can affect the physical appearance of a person and also his everyday social life.