Researchers at the American Red Cross are testing a new "platelet additive solution" on patients that could help transform blood transfusions in the United States.

The InterSol platelet additive solution, which is manufactured by Fenwal Inc, could reduce the use of plasma in blood donations and also cut down on transfusion-led reactions.

"I think it’s great they are always coming up with innovative ways to make things easier for people who are ill,” said Terri Wynia, a long-time blood donor who is taking part in a year-long study. The research is being with the University of Minnesota Medical Center and Mayo Clinic.

“Platelets currently are stored in plasma, but by adding this solution to it, we’re able to remove two-thirds of the plasma,” Dr. David Maier of the American Red Cross said.

The solution is already approved by the FDA and used in Europe. The new study is to give hospitals more information about the product before it is being marketed nationwide.