Sonograms serve as a diagnostic tool to show whether everything is alright with the pregnancy and unborn baby. A couple at St. Mary’s Hospital in England got an unexpected seal of approval not from the midwife, but from their child himself when they went in for a 20-week ultrasound scan. Expectant parents Paul Schofield and Cheryl Stevenson, ages 31 and 32 respectively, were amused when their unborn baby boy gave them a “thumbs up” in the fetal ultrasound.

“He immediately curled up into a ball and put his face down, and at first we couldn't get a clear picture. We were gutted. But as soon as the midwife said she would have to wrap things up, his little hand came out and he gave us the thumbs up. We all burst into laughter. The midwife said she had seen a few hand gestures in her time but nothing as clear and forthright as this. It brought a great deal of happiness to our day,” said Schofield, the Mirror reported. “It was a unique experience that we wanted to share, and it was a great way of him telling us that we are doing a good job by him so far.”

The midwife spent a total of 15 minutes with Stevenson during the ultrasound. The baby kept moving back and forward a lot during the scan but still managed to strike a pose for his eager parents.

Although surprising, images of babies doing adult gestures during ultrasounds are not rare. A pair of musicians from Florida were surprised to see their child also carries their musical genes. An ultrasound revealed Jeff and Susan Snow, both members of the Lake Worth Americana act Invisible Music, were going to give birth to possibly a future “metalhead” when the unborn baby gave the universal hand horns rock and roll sign, the Broward Palm Beach New Times reported.

It seems unborn babies are letting the good times roll with their adult gestures.