Breast cancer is one devastating disease that can ruin the lives of many. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can bring about prevention of this dreadful ailment; this is the reason why we have compiled basic steps in helping prevent breast cancer that can be beneficial for most people who feel they are on the verge of having one:

Maintain body mass index: If one can only maintain his body mass index at 25 BMI all her life, the better chances she can have to get out of the clutches of this disease. Regulating food intake and employing a good exercise regimen can do the trick.

Alcohol denial: Avoiding consuming alcohol is one of the best ways to avert the ailment as this substance can take you to greater heights as far as cancer is concerned. Lessening alcohol intake can be the first step in breaking the habit.

Exercise is tops: Use an exercise routine that can tune up your body, trim down, or just perspire, so that excess fats that are present in the body can be eradicated. This is one of the basic steps in helping prevent breast cancer. It is not enough that body weight is the thing that one has to ponder, but the maintaining more lean muscles on you body system takes you away from the possibility of acquiring cancer.

Eat vegetables and fruits: Choosing what you eat can also help avert the outbreak of this ailment. High fiber vegetables and fruits that contain lycopene are the foods that can help you overcome the advent of the disease as well. Eating it raw or half-cooked can maintain its nutrients.

Fats: Fishes that are oily but are rich in omega 6 and 3 fats are most likely to pave the way of the avoidance of this illness. Mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and lake trout are best alternatives to meaty foods that you regularly see laid on the table during meals. Basic steps in helping prevent breast cancer can start with the kind of food that you eat.

Minimize carb intake: It would seem that not all white things are good; try to change the habit of eating white bread, white flour, white potatoes and shift to the colored ones. In the case of fruits, eating those with the most color contains flavonoids that are useful for the body. Consume whole grains, legumes, and colored fruits so as to stay away from health troubles.

Know soy products: Did you know that products coming from soy are one of the best foods that are considered healthy? In the effort of staying healthy, look at soy as one of the basic steps in helping prevent breast cancer. Miso soup, tofu, soy milk and soy nuts are considered as wise alternatives. They can produce leaner fats.

Avoid estrogen compounds: Try to avoid being exposed to estrogen-laden chemicals like pesticides, air fresheners that come in spray form. Taking your daily supplements can also help in maintaining the body’s health. Never forget to take them as they act as your shield in protecting you from further acquiring of diseases.

Have a positive outlook: Once you have this positive quality, you are not going to be prone to any diseases at all; having a positive mindset wards off any negativism that might harm your ego and yourself.