Emergency personnel in France are rushing to find injured passengers who may still be trapped inside the wreckage of a rush hour train that was derailed in Paris. According to the French website Le Parisien, at least eight people were killed in the tragedy that occurred around 16:00 GMT on Friday.

The train was en route to the city of Limoges in western France when it suddenly veered off the tracks in the suburb of Brétigny-sur-Orge in southern Paris, trapping most of its occupants, the Telegraph reported. The train was reportedly carrying around 350 passengers at the time of the crash.

Although no official details have been released, including exactly how many passengers have died or may be injured, reports state some of the travelers faced electrocution or could have been crushed in the collision.

A "red alert" plan has been activated and more details are expected to come to light once authorities can sort out the confusion. Bookmark this page and check in for any updates involving this development.

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