Called the Swiss ball (since it was invented by a Swiss doctor), the stability ball is a large inflatable ball that is used in exercises, and in some cases, is opted from rather than the must-have exercise bench. When it first came into use, it was widely used in rehabilitation centers everywhere.

While it is mostly used by most beginners, the element of “play” is magnified using this training implement and can be useful for athletes who need to stay in top shape for their sport. So, here are a few benefits of using the stability ball:

Benefit #1: Helps one to lose weight

Since exercise with the Stability ball helps you build muscle and strength, this in turn, results in one burning body fat as well. And so while it is fun to use the stability ball in your workout, losing weight along with it has its clear benefits.

Benefit #2: Increases Core Stability

Your core muscles are what you use on a daily basis, and when one uses the stability ball to perform exercise, this results in an increase of core stability helping you to be fitter in meeting the demands of your daily routine.

Benefit #3: Helps greatly in stretching exercises

If strength is important then flexibility is also an important aspect of exercise that one can benefit from. Using the stability ball in stretching exercises can help you greatly in achieving in this as well.

Benefit #4: Helps you work towards a “six-pack”

In using the stability ball for exercises, this not only works on the back but also his or her abs simultaneously as these exercises performs are “compound exercises”.

Benefit #5: Improves muscle strength and endurance

While it not only improves flexibility, the stability ball is also credited with increasing muscle strength and endurance as all the muscle groups are worked on when one uses a stability ball.