Impressing a date is still one of the top concerns of singletons around the world, but in the ever-changing digital age, it can be hard to pinpoint what may impress the object of your affection. Luckily, the team at recently completed their yearly Singles In America survey on what Millennials want in a partner. Over 5,500 singletons were surveyed, and what they had to say may surprise you.

Put The Phone Down!

In a time when we're all attached to our phones and social media, taking time to disconnect during a date is a major turn-on. According to the survey, 75 percent of singles find answering a phone call in the middle of a date to be a major turn-off and 66 percent also don’t like you texting during a date.

In addition, 58 percent don’t want to see your phone faceup on the table during a date, and 45 percent say never seeing or hearing your phone throughout a date is a major plus.

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Surprisingly, it's not just how you use your phone but also what type of phone you use. Both Android and iPhone users are judgmental of dates with an opposite brand of phone, although iPhone users are slightly more judgemental than Androiders. In addition, 86 percent of women admit to negatively judging a man if he has a cracked phone screen.

What About Turn-Ons?

The news isn’t all grim, as the survey also revealed a lot of surprising turn-ons in potential mates. For example, 38 percent of men described a self-starting entrepreneur woman as being a turn-on.

Also, as cliche as it may sound, “kindness” is still one of the most overwhelmingly important qualities people look for in a partner. For example, a study from 2014 found that a woman’s responsiveness, or their support of another person’s needs or wants, increased a man’s perception of attractiveness as well as their sexual arousal.

And while the most recent survey focused mainly on personality and behavioral traits, past research has shown that many physical characteristics can also be automatic turn-offs or turn-ons in the dating world. For example, men are almost instinctively drawn to women with a classical “coke bottle” shape, as this waist-to-hip ratio is a subconscious signal of a woman’s fertility and health. In addition, women tend to be drawn toward tall men as it fits into the classic idea of being large enough to protect them.

Ultimately, what we look for in a partner can be very personal, and we all have different “pros” and “cons” we take note of on the first date. Here are some of Medical Daily’s dating “turn-ons” and “turn-offs.” And if all else fails, try asking your Uber driver for advice. According to the Match survey, people who talk to their Uber drivers about their love lives are three times more likely to get lucky. Go figure!

Medical Daily's Turn-Ons:




Good Teeth

Clean Hands

Likes Cats

Good Listening Skills


Medical Daily's Turn-Offs


Rude to Waiters

Doesn’t Like To Dance

Long or Dirty Fingernails

Doesn’t Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex

Rude To Parents


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