In a random study regarding impact of Botox on a person, the researchers found that shot of Botox to improve the looks, improves self-esteem and has an impact on the quality of life of a person.

In the study, lead researcher Dr. Steven H. Dayan, a Chicago facial plastic surgeon gave random number of participants injections of Botox between the eyebrows, forehead and crow's feet, and gave another set injections of a saline solution.

After the injections the participants had to answer a survey which noted their physical health, mood, level of satisfaction with body, life and surroundings, appearance, sense of wellbeing etc. The participants had to answer the questions two weeks and three months after the injections.

The study showed that people who had got the Botox shots felt happier and more satisfied with life, and felt an increased sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.

The report published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery proves that Botox not only has a positive effect on the physical image but also improves a person’s psyche and self-confidence.