The ties between laziness and fast food just got a little stronger, as Burger King unveiled its Hands-Free Whopper Holder in celebration of its 50th anniversary this week.

Whopper enthusiasts at a Burger King in Puerto Rico were the first to test out this over-the-neck eating aid. The 50 Burger King patrons were chosen based on the Burger King Loyalty Program that tracks the frequency of restaurant visits.

A video released by the fast food chain shows the early adopters of this eating innovation, performing all kinds of tasks while enjoying their artery-clogging treat. Some are even seen partaking in activities such as karate, boxing, and bikeriding, though the tons of calories may have counteracted every bit.

So, if you find your life too demanding to enjoy your burger (manually at least), then the Hands-Free Whopper Holder may be the tool for you. The trial release was limited to the Puerto Rico chain, however, and plans of bringing it to the U.S. have not yet been announced.