The Irish Cancer Society evaluated the costs incurred by patients and families as a result of a cancer diagnosis and reports that the additional costs has wide-ranging consequences.

Cancer patients need strong support and assistance to avoid financial difficulty as the costs of cancer diagnosis are expected to rise in coming years, according to the study ‘Financial Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis.’

The study focused on patients diagnosed with breast, prostate and lung cancer and found out that cancer diagnosis leads to reduction in income and higher spending.

Additional costs include direct medical costs, medication expenses and other expenses in relation to travelling to hospital appointments and more. The additional costs add more burden on their already decreased income.

The new study shows that numerous families influenced by cancer are struggling with basic needs.

All cancer patients are affected greatly by financial difficulty, but those in work with dependents and those living in far away are more vulnerable.

The society mentioned the report addresses an urgent need for the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive to review the supports and provisions for cancer patients.