An 80-year-old great-grandma battling lung cancer is quickly becoming an Instagram sensation. Betty Simpson’s great-grandson Zach Belden created an account for the Indiana woman (@grandmabetty33) in hopes the social media support would cheer her up.

As of Monday afternoon, “Instagranny,” as some are calling her, had already gained over 130K followers — including Pharrell Williams, whose song “Happy” she dances to in the video below.

Grandma Betty thanks those who have been praying for her, including her grandson. "He loves me so much," she told ABC News. "He doesn't want to lose me and he's just good to me."

Every day, she asks, "How many friends do I have today?" ABC News reported. "Maybe they'll learn something. I been here 80 years. Maybe they'll learn something good from me," she said.