Long Island Democratic Representative Carolyn McCarthy, 69, announced via her website Monday that she will undergo treatment after her positive lung cancer diagnosis.

"I am a fighter, as many people know, and I am committed to beating this latest challenge in my life. I'm grateful for the support and love of my family, friends, colleagues, and staff," McCarthy said in the statement.

The representative of New York's Fourth Congressional District said her treatable form of lung cancer was discovered during a routine physical check up with her doctors. Although she knows there are "tough days" ahead, she has remained optimistic towards a successful recovery.

"My doctor at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where I'll receive my treatment, has told me that I begin my treatment in good physical health and that he looks forward to my return to work after I recover. My family and I will appreciate privacy while I undergo my treatment."

According to the American Cancer Society, 27 percent of all cancer-related deaths are attributed to lung cancer. In 2013 alone, 159,480 lung cancer cases in the United States ended in death while 228,190 new cases were discovered.

"I look forward to a successful treatment and returning to continue the mission that I've started as a Member of Congress," said McCarthy.

McCarthy's political career began back in 1993 when her husband Dennis was murdered by a gunmen on the Long Island Rail Road. McCarthy's son Kevin was also injured during the incident, inspiring her adamant stance on gun control, the New York Times reported.

"I will have to miss activities in Washington during my treatment in New York, but I will continue to be a strong advocate for the 4th Congressional District," McCarthy added.

"I remain committed to improving Long Island's schools, improving public health and safety, improving our economy, and protecting our seniors and veterans. My capable and longtime staff will continue to support the needs of my constituents."