With over 500 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 66 grams of sugar, Chick-fil-A’s milkshakes are hardly the healthiest options on the fast food menu, but it appears the cherry on top is what we really have to worry about. Cydni Scruggs, formerly of Plano, Texas, is suing the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain and the company’s cherry supplier due to a heart attack she suffered as a result of biting into a cherry that had not been “properly de-pitted.”

Scruggs, now a resident of Parker, Colo., is seeking damages between $200,000 and $1 million after biting into a maraschino cherry that caused her to fracture two teeth below the gum line. Sometime after her run in with the cherry pit, Scruggs developed a gum infection and sepsis that led to her eventual heart attack. In addition to Chick-fil-A, a lawsuit filed in Dallas County's 44th State District Court on Dec. 1 also named Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Co. Inc. in New York as a defendant.

"Defendant Dell's Maraschino Cherries, as a producer, supplier, and distributor of maraschino cherries to restaurants or food establishments throughout the United States, including Texas, failed to use that degree of care that would be used by a marschino cherry de-pitting owner or company of ordinary prudence under the same or similar circumstances," the petition states.

Although Scruggs’s claim that trouble with her tooth led to a heart attack may seem outlandish, there is truth to it. Evidence has shown that poor dental hygiene can lead to heart complications by allowing bacteria into our bloodstream. As bacteria from the mouth makes its way through our body, it eventually reaches our heart valves where it can cause an infection. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with periodontal disease have an increased risk for heart disease.

The relationship between sepsis and a heart attack is well-defined by the American Heart Association. Sepsis, the body’s inflammatory response to an infection that can be life-threatening by itself, can hinder blood flow to vital organs, including the brain, kidneys, and heart. When organs do not receive proper blood flow, they fail and go into what’s known as septic shock.