Penis-shaped candy is the latest surprise New Zealand parents received when they found their kids snacking on gummies.

Nelson-based confectionery company Dutch Rusk has been getting a lot of complaints from candy lovers. Instead of a handful of tasty gummy treats, kids in New Zealand pulled out penis-shaped gummies, which led to furious parents mailing them back, Stuff reported.

"When first someone told us, we thought they were joking. It can't be right," Jack Van de Geest, Dutch Rusk managing director of sales, told Stuff. But Van de Geest found out very quickly this was no joke."But they said no, it's honestly true, so they sent us a bag. Then another phone call came a couple of days later and we thought, 'what's going on?' and got everything sent back."

How did this happen? Dutch Rusk imported Dragon Sweets from a Chinese manufacturer that somehow mixed up the gummies with a penis-shaped batch. They cost the candy company thousands of dollars, since so many people mailed back the penis candy bags. The manufacturer refunded the money to Dutch Rusk and apologized for the embarrassing mix-up.

But kids in New Zealand aren’t the only ones getting their hands on phallic-shaped candy. Katie Holme’s daughter Suri was caught holding a box of penis-shaped candy, the Daily Mail reported. In the photo, Suri is gazing in amusement at the candy as her mother talks with a friend and picks up a box.

Penis shapes have been spotted on milky bars, too. Talk about a new chocolate experience. Are things getting out of hand here? Well, in China, penis candies aren’t considered offensive because the penis is a sign of fertility in their culture, but other countries have obviously disagreed in promoting a private part on a piece of candy.