A national poll average compiled by Real Clear Politics for December 14-27 gauged where each of the Republican candidates for the GOP 2012 presidential nomination stands, pointing to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry as the frontrunners.

Each of the four candidates has a YouTube channel dedicated to their respective campaigns, and Medical Daily took a look at how their standings in the polls compare to the volume of online video viewers.

According to the RCP results, Gingrich leads with 27.6 percent support, followed by Romney at 25 percent, Paul at 12.2 percent, and Perry at 6.6 percent.

During the same timeframe as the poll average, Gingrich’s campaign posted the most YouTube videos, 17, totaling 222,001 views.

In comparison, Romney’s campaign had just six YouTube videos with 102,394 views.

Meanwhile, Paul posted nine videos with a whopping 551,981 views, and Perry also had nine videos, but totaled just 194,901 views.

It appears over the last two weeks Gingrich’s campaign has placed a heavy emphasis on outreach through YouTube, easily outpacing the competition in the number of videos posted. However, Paul more than doubled viewership with about half the videos, pointing to his popularity in the social media world.

Perry posted the same number of videos as Paul, but came up with over 350,000 less views. Romney focused the least on YouTube outreach.