A 25-year old mother in Brazil has given birth to conjoined twins with two heads, two brains, and two backbones, that share one heart, according to a report.

The twin’s condition, known as dicephalic parapagus, is very rare and takes place when one twin fails to fully develop.

While surgery is common in cases of conjoined twins it is not an option in the case of Jesus and Emanuel because they share the same organs.

“[I]t is imposible to take a decision with relation to surgery for the moment,” said Doctor Neila Dahas of the Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital in the town of Belem, Para, according to Agence France presse. She sid “it is impossible to take a decision with relations to surgery, not only because of physical reasons, but ethical ones as well.”

The mother had a Caesarean section on Monday morning in a small hospital in the northern state of Para where they were born, weighing 9.9 pounds.

BBC News reported the mother of the twins did not know about her sons’ condition until minutes before their birth because she did not have ultra sound scans during her pregnancy.