Sexual coercion is a topic that Laci Green wants to share with everyone. She’s a YouTube personality and self-proclaimed peer sex educator. In one of her most recent videos, Green discusses sexual coercion, which is basically pressuring someone to have sex, whether it be verbal or physical.

“Here's the thing: People often think of sexual coercion as something that is violent or physically restraining,” she said. “In reality, sexual coercion is often much more subtle and happens between two people who know and maybe even trust each other.”

As interesting and informative as this may be, many of her commenters claim that the video is biased, favoring only the rights of women. “So let me get this straight, even if both parties are black out drunk and they both make the drunken decision to have sex, meaning neither have actually given consent, it's still rape on the male's half of things? That's ridiculous...” wrote one commenter.

Green also goes on to talk about the ways in which power and authority can sometimes be used as coercion. “Power dynamics like these, come with strong underlying vulnerabilities which can give the appearance of consensual sex when it’s actually exploitative,” she continued.

Take a look at her entire video below and hear what she has to say on consent: