We all know devouring an entire box of chocolates in one sitting is harmful to our overall health. When it comes to healthier foods, we think the more the merrier, but too much of a good thing in our diet can be just as harmful. Gorging on foods such as dark leafy greens and canned tuna fish could cause toxic results.

In the infographic, "9 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat in Large Quantities," Fix explains it is possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to healthy food staples.

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For example, dark leafy greens like spinach, beet greens, and Swiss chard are nutritional powerhouses that are packed with essential nutrients, including vitamin A, and C, iron, and folate. However, these foods are high in oxalic acid, which is the compound that gives these greens their signature, slightly bitter taste. Eating too much of these could lead to unpleasant symptoms, such as kidney stones, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, tremors or convulsions, vomiting, and weak pulse. It would take about 25 grams of oxalic acid to cause death in a 145-pound person; equating to about 7.3 pounds of spinach.

Another healthy food offender is canned tuna. Tuna is known to contain more mercury than many other fish, and excess amounts of tuna can cause side effects, including vision, hearing and speech problems, lack of coordination and muscle weakness.

Canned tuna can still be part of a healthy diet, if you follow these rules, according to Fix.com: "Stick to “light” varieties, which are made from smaller skipjack tuna that typically have lower levels of mercury than larger albacore tuna." Also, it's important to keep consumption to no more than three to five cans per week.

Look at Fix's infographic down below to see what other healthy foods can be toxic if eaten in excess.


Source: Fix.com Blog

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