WebMD can be a valuable resource for getting basic medical and health information, but for future reference, being shot still merits a trip to the hospital.

Following a Houston area woman's confession of her irresponsible choices regarding her shot son, investigators are currently deciding if legal action for endangering the welfare of a child is prudent.

Authorities from Santa Fe, Texas said 24-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez was mishandling a loaded gun when it suddenly fired, piercing the upper left thigh of a 14-year-old living in the same household.

While the teen laid bleeding on the floor, his mother decided to turn to WebMD. After seven hours of failed research, and failed parenting, the mother finally drove the teen to the Mainland Medical Center.

The teen was treated at the Mainland Center in Santa Fe and then transported to Herman Hospital where his condition remains stable today, KHOU Houston reported.

Rodriguez has been booked by the Santa Fe police department for one count of injury to a child with intent to commit serious bodily harm. His bail was set at around $151,500.

Police said an in-home surveillance system recorded the entire incident; however, authorities will not release the video until the investigation has run its course.

The medical information website has drawn a fairly large cross section of criticism from those who doubt its effectiveness. For instance, an investigation that was carried out in February of 2010 revealed that the online medical information center advocates the use of only medications that sponsor the site.

Heath experts are at odds over whether or not WebMD offers accurate medical advice or if it provides another phobia for hypochondriacs.