In a mysterious tale, a Jack Russell terrier named Ethan was brought back to life after being poisoned and dumped into a grave in France. The shallow grave was located by a pedestrian path near a lake.

In Charlesville-Mezieres, a town 125 miles northeast of the country's capital city Paris, an observant Good Samaritan saw the earth wiggle - because of the dog's convulsions. It appears that he had been poisoned prior to his burial. The man obtained a shovel and dug up the body, and firefighters rushed Ethan off to a veterinarian.

"It's extraordinary. We only see this in TV movies," the veterinarian, Philippe Michon, said to the Associated Press. "He came back to life and without a scratch. It's rather miraculous."

When the veterinarian first laid eyes on Ethan, he says that the dog's body was completely cold and that he was barely breathing. Michon also described the little white dog with a single black ear as being flat as a pancake.

Michon used hot water bottles to warm up the dog's body. Then he attempted to hydrate Ethan. At first, his veins had collapsed, so it took the veterinarian some time to locate one that he could use to hydrate the animal. But within 24 hours, Ethan was back on his feet, and without a scratch.

Even more astonishingly, a microchip in Ethan revealed that these unbelievable series of events had occurred on his third birthday.

Sabrina Zamora, president of an area animal association called Ligue Interet de la Societe et de l'Animal (LISA), or Interest League of Animals and Society, told reporters that Ethan's previous owner said that he had given the dog away. Investigators are currently in the midst of verifying their story.

In the meantime, Ethan appears to be doing remarkably well, especially considering the circumstances.