Dr. Pimple Popper, or Dr. Sandra Lee as she’s known at her dermatology practice in Southern California, is sharing another super gross extraction video you can’t help but watch. In the latest called, “Is THIS what happens when you EAT too much GARLIC?!” Lee struggles to remove an epidermoid cyst from a man’s back. She cuts open the mass and attempts to remove it without much success.

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“You can’t grab it. It’s so thin walled that it will just tear,” she explains. “See how thin it is?”

“See how it wants to tear?” she asks pulling at the cyst with her tweezers.

After moving around and finally attacking the lump from the side, Lee is finally victorious, pulling what appears to be a nickel-sized clump of cells out of the anonymous man’s back.

“It’s like a little baby garlic bulb,” Lee remarks as she lays the cyst on top of her patient. “Yeah, it’s on you now. Can you feel him?” she asks.

Now that the tough part is over, Lee gets to work cleaning and closing up the wound. “I’m going to try to trim off some of this fibrous tissue cuz it might close better,” she tells the patient.

“You’re ok right? You’re not lying to me?” the pimple popper says after asking her patient several times whether he feels any pain.

“I hear it but i don’t feel it,” he remarks calmly for a man whose garlic bulb cyst is now internet fodder for millions.

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The video has more than 1.4 million hits and 484 comments since debuting April 19.

One YouTuber tells Dr. Pimple Popper that her videos have actually ruined some of her favorite foods.

“Ok...I just stop liking garlic...the list goes on I no longer like banana pudding egg salad linguine...etc why because everytime I eat either item on this list I think of Dr.Lee..." the person writes.

As the doc explains, the epidermoid cyst is a benign growth that can be found anywhere, but is usually seen on the face, neck or trunk. According to the Mayo Clinic, the surface of your skin continually sheds, but these cysts form when instead of sloughing off, the cells move deeper into your skin. Though harmless, many choose to get these annoyances removed.

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