A new survey result has been released showing a very alarming numbers. The holiday season is really felt right now with various parties and night-life gatherings here and there. This has been connected to the rising number of drunk driving cases. Apparently, holiday gimmicks are most likely alcohol-filled parties and since the nightlife is more alive than before, more and more people have been driving with the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The rates of driving while intoxicated changed dramatically in the U.S., with some exceeding 20 percent--Wisconsin (23.7 percent) and North Dakota (22.4 percent). Rhode Island (7.8 percent) and Vermont (6.6 percent) topped the way for highest rates of drunk driving.

The blue rates of drunk driving took place in Utah (7.4 percent) and Mississippi (8.7 percent). Iowa and New Jersey had the lowest levels of drugged driving during the past year with a percentage of 2.9 percent and 3.2 percent respectively.

Motorists from 16-25 motored intoxicated more often than folks 26 or older (19.5 percent as opposed to 11.8 percent). Younger people also drove while under the influence of prohibited drugs to a greater extent (11.4 percent versus 2.8 percent).

Overall, there's been a decrease of inebriated and doped driving previously few years. Study information from 2002 during 2005 fluxed when matched against information gathered from 2006 to 2009 combined suggest that the average.

According to SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde, J.D., numerous people have passed away each year as a consequence of drunk and narcotized driving, and the lives of many family members and friends left behind are eternally scarred. Furthermore, she said that an number of advancement has been done bringing down the levels of intoxicated and drugged driving through education, enhanced law enforcement and community outreach efforts. Still, the government is required to continue to operate to keep this threat and confront these grievous drivers in an assertive manner.

So to make this holiday season a safe one, it is advised that you avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.