Catch yourself reaching for a billowy, carb-loaded bagel after a workout? It could actually benefit your health.

A newly-published paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology reported that negative changes in the immune system after a workout can be diminished by consuming carbs during or immediately after the exercise. The carbs may strengthen and speed recovery time.

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To reach these findings, the research team reviewed prior studies about exercise and immunity, Medical XPress reported.

Results of the review also suggested that suggested that most people don’t require carbohydrates to carry them through every workout. Eating carbs is mostly required during high-intensity or prolonged exercise of 90 minutes or more.

"Among various nutritional strategies to counteract immune depression during exercise recovery, carbohydrates have proven the most effective. Ingesting carbohydrates during vigorous exercise may help, because carbohydrates maintain blood sugar levels,” said researcher Dr Jonathan Peake, according to Medical XPress.

"Having stable blood sugar levels reduces the body's stress response, which in turn, moderates any undesirable mobilisation of immune cells,” he added. “However, more research is warranted to verify that this also helps to prevent infections and illnesses."

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Earlier this week, researchers at the University of Queensland published a study explaining why muscles feel sore after a workout. Medical Daily reported that muscles actually have a protective mechanism that stops people from further damaging their tissues in the days after exercise.

This is reportedly the first time that scientists have become aware of the unique muscle mechanism.

Source: Peake JM, Neubauer O, Walsh NP, Simpson RJ. Recovery of the immune system after exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology. 2017.

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