Have you heard of the “mind-muscle connection” theory? It’s the belief that thinking about a specific muscle that is intended to do work while exercising can actually make that part stronger.

The idea behind this mindset is that it allows for more “power output” to be shifted from secondary muscles to the one you’re actually focused on, especially while lifting weights. In PictureFit’s new video, “The Mind-Muscle Connection - Does It Actually Work?” the efficiency of this phenomenon is further explored.

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When tested during scientific studies, it was found that internal focus could possibly lead to increased muscle gains. But there are no direct studies that link mental activity to muscle hypertrophy.

If you’re lifting and utilizing the mind-muscle connection, just keep it safe by ensuring you’re still practicing proper form and not using something too heavy. Why?

“As you lift closer to your maximal effort, the ability to focus on the mind-muscle connection is overridden with the increased focus of just moving the darn weight in the first place,” the host of PictureFit’s video explains.

Want to know more about the science behind the mind-muscle connection? Watch the video above.

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