Since the release of the electronic cigarettes, people have been hooked to it. As a result, makers of the e-cig are now raking money from the high sales of their product. But as the electronic cigarette becomes popular, more and more anti-tobacco groups are in an uproar.

In Paris, there have been many anti-tobacco laws. Spain has already waved similar legislation and banned smoking in enclosed public space.

The makers of electronic cigarettes, however, find their market very profitable because traditionally, we have a heavy smoking nation all around the globe. The spokesman for EdSylver said that there has been a growth of 30 percent since 2007. EdSylver is among the leading manufacturers of e-cig, a product invented in China in 2004.

The makers of the plastic cigarettes claim that their products are not harmful to the smokers or even to people around them. However, health experts have rejected the claim.

Last November, during the World Health Organization conference held in Uruguay, Eduardo Bianco, an anti-tobacco expert said that e-cigs sabotaged the efforts to prevent smoking. Electronic cigarettes are like mini-aerosols that release artificial air without nicotine. Most people report that they want to keep using it because they smoke without the harm of nicotine.

However, Professor Yves Martinet, the head of the French National Committee Against Tobacco said that e-cig is a cheat. It has no medical support that would help you quit smoking – that is why many countries have already banned it. He added that the product has not undergone scientific evaluation.