Florida elementary school nurse, Marilee Boozer, 24, was arrested and charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance after she was accused of stealing her students’ medication. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the matter. However, Boozer submitted her resignation with Pinemount Elementary School on Tuesday after the investigation started this past Friday.

An investigation by the Columbia County School District began after school officials at Pinemount received information from parents who complained that their children were missing medication. Teresa Elwell, grandmother of a kindergartener at Pinemount Elementary School, said her suspicions were first raised back in February.

"I was angry. I was very angry," Elwell told First Coast News. "We ask him has she (Boozer) been giving him his medicine. He said yes and it was a yellow pill. His Ritalin is blue. I want action taken and I want answers."

Elwell now fears for the safety of her grandson and said she has taken him to a doctor to test for medications, other than the ones he has been prescribed, that he may have been exposed to. Following the start of the investigation on May 9, Boozer was booked into the Columbia County jail and held on a $5,000 bond.

"We actually are in the midst of that investigation, talked to our supervising nurse who has been pouring over student records and so forth, she's spent two or three days and we're trying to and get to the bottom of that and move forward also," said Columbia County School District Superintendent, Terry Huddleston.