If you need a scientific reason to enjoy life, researchers discovered those who enjoy life are three times more likely to live longer.

According to an aging study conducted by researchers from the University College London (UCL), happiness could be used to indicate whether or not someone is at risk of any sickness.

Researchers tracked the psychological well-being of 10,000 individuals between 2002 and 2011. All individuals were between the ages of 50 and 100. Researchers interviewed the participants three times during the study. Researchers found individuals who reported having the greatest enjoyment of life during their first interview were more likely to still be alive nine or 10 years later.

"The difference between those who enjoyed life the most and those who enjoyed life the least was marked, with nearly three times more people dying in the lower than greater enjoyment group," the study said.

According to lead study author Professor Andrew Steptoe, during the nine year period, individuals who reported the most enjoyment, 9.9 percent of them died. Of those who reported less enjoyment, 28 percent of them died.

Professor Steptoe believes individuals who are happier in life are more likely to take better care of themselves and, in turn, are healthier than their counterparts. Furthermore, happier individuals are less stressed.

In addition, Steptoe found environmental factors also play a large role in an individual's health. Strong social networks were observed to be essential in one's happiness or lack thereof.

Other research such as the Elsa research team, which consists of researchers from UCL, NatCen Social Research, the University of Manchester and the Institute for Fiscal Studies, found wealthier seniors, 50 and older, were half as likely to become socially isolated compared to those in a lower socio-economic status.

According to The Happiness Institute, Australia's first organization dedicated to enhancing the happiness of individuals and organizations, one should:

  • Make happiness a priority
  • Set happy goals
  • Do things to that make you happy
  • Identify your strengths
  • Utilize your strengths
  • learn to like and love yourself
  • Invest time and energy in healthy relationships

For more tips visit The Happiness Institute.