Authorities have reached a settlement with the Atlanta-based social networking site for kids over claims that it illegally obtained personal information from children, the Associated Press reported today.

The social network Skid-E-Kids that describes itself as a Facebook for children has violated the federal privacy law by collecting personal information from about 5,600 children without getting parental consent, the Federal Trade Commission said in court documents.

The same social network says on their website that:

“Your child would be in a safe and friendly environment,” that “parents are always in control,” and that they love kids and “will always do what is best” for their users.

The “Facebook” for kids website allows kids to create a profile, upload pictures, and friend other members.

Regulators say the social network is targeted at children from the ages of 7 to 14.

The website offers games, activities, social interaction with “friends,” and educational materials for parents and kids.

As reported by the AP, authorities are requiring site operator Jones Godwin to destroy any information he collected from children and comply with federal law or face a $100,000 fine.