The self-proclaimed “Fat Jew” is at it again, and this time he doesn’t need a Citibike to bring fitness advice to the homeless public. Now, he’s using the sweltering heat at the F train’s Second Avenue platform to offer homeless people a free tutorial on Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, is performed in conditions that reach above 100°F and 40 percent humidity. Ninety minutes of 26 postures is designed to raise heart rate and tire the muscles. Hot yoga could become dangerous for pregnant women and people who become dehydrated easily.

According to the Crosby Press, the NYC subway’s temperature of 108°F and 100 percent humidity make it the perfect place for Bikram yoga.

"The rate of return for people who do it the first time is like 100 percent," Goldstein told the Daily Intelligencer. "Anyone who thinks it's exploitative is making a tremendous snap judgment. There's water, food, and everybody feels good. There's no obligation to go and the people who do have the most killer time."

Back in June, cameras captured Fabrizio Goldstein teaching his SoulCycle spin class to seemingly homeless people near Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan. The comedian used docked Citibikes to teach a cost-effective spin class.

"I want the homeless people of New York to have the opportunity to have sick bodies," said Goldstein.