The FDA has been planning not to give its approval for Avastin as a new treatment for metastatic breast cancer. Avastin is manufactured by Genentech and the company has mentioned of their plans for a formal public hearing so that the FDA may rethink of its position on the treatment. However, Avastin can still be used for treating breast cancer until it is pulled by FDA.

According to the director of the FDA’s oncology drug office, Dr. Richard Pazdur, the decision of FDA was very disappointing for many patients suffering from breast cancer. Dr. Hal Barron, the chief medical officer and head of global product development for Genetech, said in a news release that they strongly believe of the importance of Avastin for helping women in the United States with metastatic breast cancer and those who are negative with the illness as well.

There was a voting done last July and the result was 12-1 to get rid of the drug. Avastin has been reported to have more side effects than benefits.