Stomach cramps are a very common complaint. All of us face signs and symptoms of stomach discomfort such as bloating, inflated stomach, pain, constipation, cramps, acid eructation and diarrhoea.

Most of the stomach cramps are muscle spasms, with associated pain. Below are five natural ways to avoid and address stomach cramps:

1) Eat high-fiber foods: The fibres in food stimulate movement of intestines and the colon, which smoothens out stuffed bowels. Whole cereals, vegetables, fruits are among the high-fiber foods.

2) Ginger & peppermint: Spices or herbs like ginger and peppermint can contribute in making the intestines work more effectively. However, they should be consumed in moderation. Too much quantity of spices could irritate your bowels, leading to increased discomfort.

3) Limit tea and coffee: Consume tea and coffee in moderation. Even though a moderate quantity of coffee or tea can prove beneficial, they can irritate the intestines if taken in large amounts.

4) Have foods with bowel-friendly bacteria: Certain bacteria found in the intestines help in the process of digestion. Yoghurt and other fermented milk items can provide the bowels with beneficial bacteria.

5) Linen seeds for constipation: Linen seeds soaked in water have been found to be a good remedy for constipation.