Babies can turn allergic to several food ingredients including milk. Allergic responses can be seen in babies as swellings, vomiting and diarrhea after eating or troubled breathing.

Peanut, tree nut, shellfish, eggs and milk are among the most common allergy causing food stuffs in babies. Some of these allergies may go away on its own as the child grows up. But some others like peanut allergy could persist over the years.

Given below is a list of five major food items you need to be careful with while introducing them to your children as they have a tendency of causing allergies:

1) Cow's milk: Avoid cow milk to babies younger than one year old. The proteins in whole milk can irritate the stomach. You can try yogurt and soft cheese instead. The proteins in these dairy products are broken down and are thus less likely to cause allergic troubles.

2) Honey: Since honey could often cause fatal diseases like infant botulism, it is best to avoid it in a baby’s diet till they cross two years.

3) Eggs: You may need to wait till your baby crosses two years before introducing egg into the diet. Eggs contain several proteins and babies might carry allergies to any of them.

4) Peanuts and tree nuts: Wait till the child is three before adding peanut, tree nut recipes to their menu. Peanuts can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions in children often needing hospitalization.

5) Fish: It is ideal to introduce fish protein including that of shellfish at the age of 3 for children.