It is a myth that only children suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Research shows that kids who were not treated for ADHD in their childhood continue to show the symptoms as adults.

People with ADHD have an imbalance of neurotransmitter activity in areas of the brain that control attention. So adults with ADHD will have trouble staying focused and attentive to the work in hand. It can have an adverse effect on their life, relationships, career etc.

It is hard to realize the disorder in adults since their signs are different from that of children, so here a few key things that point to the disorder:

1. From a workplace perspective, one can isolate ADHD patients from their habit of chronically being late for work. At home, you can count on them to put in a late appearance for all family events. Additionally, they are quite disorganized.

2. People with ADHD have trouble concentrating when reading. They would talk to you, shift around or generally be uncomfortable sitting in one position and reading.

3. They are generally restless and have difficulty relaxing. They are also known to show signs of anxiety most of the time.

4. Their anger is legendary and so is their complete lack of anger management. They say what they feel like when they are angry. Additionally they are also highly irritable leading to a negative impact on personal relationship.

5. Many of the above reasons result in their inability to hold on to a job, often on the grounds of below par performance at work.