Sexual problems among men and women are usually defined as any issue that prevents a couple from having a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

The usual causes of sexual discomfiture among men include prostate, diabetes-led decrease in blood supply to the penis, heart ailment, nerve damange or a decline in testosterone. Among the women, common problems include lack of desire led by estrogen shortage, thyroid related disorders and vaginal problems.

Some couples also report that certain drugs caused them to experience a reduction in libido. Artificial stimulants like nicotine, narcotics and alcohol result in a poor sex drive as do some blood pressure drugs and anti-depressants.

Listed below are five aspects of sexual dysfunction that couples should be aware of in order to experience a mutually satisfying relationship.

1. Premature ejaculation: Studies indicate that more than 75 percent of men suffer from this ailment which is defined as release of sperm from the penis before actual intercourse or very quickly - usually within 15 thrusts. Most men experience this once or more in their life though only the chronic ones need treatment

2. Prostate infection: Often males suffer premature ejaculation due to a disease called prostatitis. A course of antibiotics usually controls the problem which could be a result of stress or certain drugs. In general, premature ejaculation can be treated using antidepressant Anafranil. Use of condoms could reduce sensation and curtail premature ejaculation

3. Erectile Dysfunction: More commonly known as impotence, this problem actually has a medical definition that is much broader. Besides the obvious symptom of not being able to get an erection, it also indicates an inability to sustain an erection for penetration and an inability to ejaculate consistently. The disease can be caused by anything from stress to high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, prostate and substance abuse

4. Dysfunction among women: Unlike men, women have no physiological restrictions to a good sex life. Reasons for their inability to enjoy a healthy sexual life could vary from matters concerning desire, arousal, or vaginal or abdominal pain during intercourse. In addition, women also report orgasmic convulsions or pain during the orgasm.