The first three months in any pregnancy is a crucial period since the fetus is getting formed. While little signs may not be as serious but persistent conditions and or excessive problems can be a cause of worry. First trimester is the time when a woman is most at risk of a miscarriage. Here are the signs when you should contact your doctor:

1.Vaginal Bleeding: While little spotting in the first three months might be common and not a worrisome issue but if you have heavy bleeding then it can signal a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Brighter the blood more the cause of worry. If bleeding is accompanied by sever cramps then it can point towards miscarriage.

2.Constant nausea and vomiting: Morning sickness in early pregnancy is an expected thing. You may even feel nausea throughout the day. But if your nausea is accompanied by violent bouts of vomiting, and you cannot keep any food down then it is a cause for concern as you can get dehydrated and lose weight and nutrients from the body.

3.Cold, flu, and fever: If you get fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit then rush to the doctor as flu and cold can cause birth defects in early pregnancy. If you get fever accompanied by joint pain, cold or rashes then you may need to get hospitalized. Pregnant women are more prone to H1N1 flu infection. You may need to get vaccinated

4.Vaginal discharge and itching: Little bit of discharge is fine but excessive discharge that is yellow in color or foul smelling can be a sign of infection or a sexually transmitted disease. It can cause preterm delivery or the fetus may be at danger of catching this.