France is often considered the apex for anyone in the fashion industry, but pretty soon there could be a minimum weight requirement for any model looking to grace the French catwalk. France is considering a bill that could lead to an outright ban on “super skinny models,” and according to French Health Minister Marisol Touraine, the country’s socialist government will likely back the bill proposal.

On Tuesday, parliament will discuss two of the bill’s amendments. The first amendment would require all models to undergo routine weight checks to prove they are not underweight. Models would have to provide a medical certificate showing their Body Mass Index (BMI) is at least 18 and their weight is equal to 121 pounds for a height of 5.7 feet, Reuters reported.

Modeling agencies and fashion companies would also face a fine of up to 75,000 euros ($79,000) or up to six months in jail for hiring an underweight model. The bill’s second amendment proposes a ban on information available to the public that encourages eating disorders which often target younger people. Lawmakers in Italy, Belgium, and Israel have proposed similar bills in an effort to criminalize so-called pro-anorexia websites.

Olivier Véran, socialist lawmaker and author of the bill’s amendments, said its place at the forefront of the fashion industry means France has had its fair share of anorexia troubles that, in his opinion, are spread by way of the fashion industry. Véran also said there are 30,000 to 40,000 people in France suffering from anorexia, the majority of which are only teenagers.

“It's intolerable to promote malnutrition and to commercially exploit people who are endangering their own health,” Véran told France’s Le Parisien. “A level of acceptable body mass index should be set and enforced. Websites encouraging young girls to lose weight should also be banned. Some of these sites tell pre-teenage girls they should have a gap of 15 centimetres between their thighs, or give tips on how to survive on as little food as possible.”

France’s new bill proposal highlights the death of 28-year-old French model and actress Isabelle Caro. Caro, who became the international face of anorexia after posing nude for an Italian advertising campaign to raise awareness for eating disorders, died back in 2010 after battling the disease since the age of 13.