Just months after the French Parliament approved a law for same-sex marriage, one woman is looking to take advantage of it. Going by the pseudonym "Cecilia232," she posted an advertisement on the French e-rental site, e-loue, offering to rent her breasts for 100 euros ($130) a day to any gay male couples who want their children to be breastfed.

"I am a young mother in full health, a trained nurse, 29 years old, and I'm renting out my breasts to feed infants," the advertisement says. "In one day, I can offer you up to a dozen feeds for your baby. Gay men in couples are not able to breastfeed their babies ... Breastfeeding allows babies to be in good health. Basically, breastfeeding gives them complete nutrition."

"Contact me through the site. Don't bother if you're not serious," she added.

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Indeed, Cecilia232 was completely serious. The site's moderators had to contact her to confirm that the offer was sincere, and whether or not it was even legal, International Business Times UK reported.

"Our legal advisers are sure of this. It's illegal in France to sell maternal milk but this is a person proposing a service, not selling the milk in flasks," Alexandre Woog, chief executive of e-loue, told Reuters.

Although it may be legal, is it safe?

There's a growing number of women who are sharing their breast milk, according to Parenting magazine. This can have both benefits and risks, depending on who's doing it and how, but as long as the women adhere to strict lifestyle guidelines, including no smoking or drinking and having no diseases like HIV or hepatitis, it can be safe.

People who manage milk banks screen moms for these things. These banks can benefit at-risk infants who need the immunity-boosting components that only breast milk can provide. Moms who share breast milk enjoy that they're able to split breastfeeding duties, as well as the flexibility and four-way bonding that comes with breastfeeding another mom's baby.

"We support breastfeeding, but if you can't nurse, we recommend breast milk from a milk bank, or that you use formula," Dr. Ari Brown, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and author of Baby 411, told Parenting. "Even if you have a good friend who wants to donate milk, you can't guarantee that it's free of infections, like HIV. Breast milk is a bodily fluid, just like blood. Would you be willing to give your baby a blood transfusion without first having it tested?"

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In 2011, French experts warned mothers about accepting offers of unregulated breast milk for their babies through Facebook due to the same concerns of infection, according to the Telegraph.

Cecilia232 told Reuters that many people replied to her advertisement; however, out of the more than a dozen requests, "only half of them were serious. The rest were perverts."

While her offer may be strange, Woog says that it's not the first time his staff saw something so out of the ordinary. One person once offered to rent out two goats as lawn-cutters, and it shouldn't be surprising, considering the site's motto is "With e-loue, everything is up for rent."