The United Kingdom Government lifted a ban on blood donation by homosexual men saying it is safe as long as they meet some requirements.

Health ministers in England, Scotland and Wales recommended that homosexual men can donate blood as long as their last sexual contact with another man was more than 1 year ago and meet other donor selection criteria, informed the U.K. Department of Health.

“Our blood service is carefully managed to maintain a safe and sufficient supply of blood for transfusions. Appropriate checks based on robust science must be in place to maintain this safety record and the Committee’s recommendation reflects this," said Public Health Minister Anne Milton in a press release.

Men who have had anal or oral sex with another man in the past 12 months, with or without a condom, will still not be eligible to donate blood.

The longtime ban in U.K. was associated with sexual behaviors which may increase the risks of a blood-borne virus or HIV virus to be transmitted through blood.

In the United States homosexual men who have had sexual contact with a partner even once since 1977, are advised not to donate blood because of the risk of being infected with HIV, according to the Red Cross website.