So, one man with scissors lodged in his skull calmly walks into the emergency room (ER) and says, "I have a small problem." Surprisingly, this isn't a bar joke. This happened after a bar patron in Mexico was stabbed in the skull with a pair of scissors. Jonas Acevedo Monroy, 32, received help from his friend Nandor Altamirano Carvajal, who drove bleeding Monroy to the hospital to save his life.

"Jonas was as always full of high spirits and was being charming with everyone in the bar when one of the locals took umbrage," said Altamirano Carvajal, Mirror reported. "Jonas offered to buy the man a drink, but the guy pulled out a pair of scissors from his jacket and stabbed him in the head. What he was doing with a pair of scissors in his pocket I don't know. It was really shocking." The green-eyed stabber was Miguel Angel Rodriguez Armendariz, 30, who fled the scene immediately.

Despite bleeding his brains out, Monroy remained calm in the ER when he politely told the hospital staff, "I have a small problem." They remained awed, initially thinking it was a joke, until he collapsed. "At first, we thought it was some sort of joke, but then he fainted and we rushed him into emergency. He had been stabbed in the upper left side of his skull, and the scissors had penetrated his parietal brain lobe. He is lucky to be alive,” said a hospital spokesman.

Head traumas such as Monroy’s are usually life-threatening. Penetrating head injuries with impacted objects (weapons) are rare but do occur, according to an article in the Asian Journal of Neurosurgery. There are high incidences of stabbing on the left side of skull most likely due to right-handedness of the assailant, except when the victim is hit from the back. Temporal stab wounds can lead to major neurological deficits.

Monroy's assailant was arrested earlier today for the attack and charged with intentional injury, El Diario de Chihuahua, a local newspaper, confirmed.

Monroy’s case is similar to a recent case where a Brazilian man survived a bar fight that left a knife stuck in his head for three hours — except he wasn't aware of it and remained calm. Juacelo Nunes de Oliveira remained in disbelief to have survived the potentially fatal stabbing after seeing the handle of the knife protruding from his head. The motorcycle taxi driver claims he did not see the moment of the initial stabbing by the four men, but he did not faint or lose consciousness at any point.

Perhaps the next step may be for bars to install metal detectors to prevent potentially life-threatening injuries.