Are you trying to drop a few pounds but find it difficult to discipline yourself against strong cravings and a ravaging appetite? Millions of people can admit to this inner conflict. However, a fun, unique and non-invasive diet enhancer provides an effective aid to your diet plan of choice, giving you an extra boost of support in your weight-loss journey. And it works, seriously!

Whiffits is a clinically proven weight-loss, diet enhancer system that comes in the form of scented wands. Embedded in each wand is one of three specifically designed scents proven to provide effective results in ultimately assisting your diet process by curbing food cravings. Just a few sniffs throughout the day releases a unique combination of aroma molecules that trick your brain into thinking you've eaten. The end result: you eat less, save money by not buying food you don't need, and support your new diet and exercise lifestyle.

Just Another Gimmick?

Whiffits can easily sound too good to be true. However, not only is it backed by certified aroma therapist and licensed aesthetician Stephanie Ollikainen, clinical studies also prove that Whiffits scientifically assists in weight-loss results. Whiffits works well in assistance of a diet plan, or efficiently on its own.

A BioTem Clinical Report confirms that the food cravings of participants in one study were reduced by 50% within 5 minutes of inhaling the special diet wand aromas. In the same study, an average of 19lbs were shed per participant by the end of the case.

"This study conclusively proves that inhaling these specially developed scents in the diet pens results in weight loss without any conscious changes in diet or exercise," the official BioTem report stated.

A second study, by the Division of BioTem Cytotechnologies, also confirms the effectiveness of Whiffits:

"One method which seems promising is the role of olfaction in weight regulation. Specifically, the inhalation of positive hedonic (pleasant smelling) scents has been shown to have beneficial effects on appetite and hunger regulation. This idea stems from everyday observations of how food aromas affect appetite and from clinical observations of how patients with acute anosmia often gain weight. These observations suggest a breakdown in an olfactory satiety feedback mechanism. Also, there are scientific EEG and brain mapping studies documenting the effects of the inhalation of particular food scents on brain wave activity."

Need More Proof?

"I've never had a bikini bod, and I love food too much to willingly stop. I wanted this summer to be different - so I gave Whiffits a shot. I "whiffed" the pens a few times a day, and by the 4th of July, I felt and looked great! The pens really took the edge off of my hunger cravings and gave me the extra push I needed to lose weight. Now I'm proud to show a little extra skin at the beach."
- Vicki, 53

"I just spent my first semester in college, and realized I put on an almost unavoidable 'freshman fifteen' upon returning home. I needed something to help me lose what I had gained - and fast. A friend introduced me to Whiffits, and the rest is history. I didn't have to spend tireless hours at the gym, and could still enjoy my favorite foods (when I was actually in the mood to eat them). Nothing has worked as reliably as Whiffits, and I couldn't be more excited to go back to school in the fall!"
- Steven, 18

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